The clear, spring-fed waters of Junior Lake and the eleven other surrounding interconnected lakes of the West Grand Lake Region are teeming with over a dozen species of fish including landlocked salmon, smallmouth bass, whitefish, trout, pickerel, and perch to name just a few. Junior Lake, where we are located, is a 3,866 acre, “two-tier” lake offering both warm and cold water varieties of fish, and considered by anglers worldwide to be the premier fishing destination in the Northeast. We have the only boat ramp on Junior Lake and our guests have free access to it. The connected lakes are also highly rated by fishermen in the know, and you can fish directly from the shore, rent a boat from us, or bring your own boat and discover your new favorite fishing spot. In winter months, ice fishing is also excellent on Junior Lake. Guides are available. Catch dinner in front of your cabin, or take a boat out on the water for an extended excursion. The lakes of Wild Fox Cabins are every angler’s dream.

Maine Lakeside Cabins

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Fishing on Maine Lake
Lake fishing in Maine
Lake fishing in Maine


We’ve found that the best way to surface fish Junior lake and other connecting lakes in the Junior Lake chain from Ice-Out (mid-May) through September, is to troll with streamer flies, lures or live bait, using a fly rod (maximum 7wht) or a light trolling rod and nylon line. As the water warms, trolling at a depth of 15-20 feet or more may be necessary. Our lead guide, Joe Jack, ties flies and has been tying streamer flies for the local guides and stores in Maine and New Hampshire for over twenty years. His streamer flies have been tried and tested successfully in the waters you’ll be fishing.  Most of the flies have names most people have never heard of. You are more than welcome to bring your own, and we advise bringing the standard tandem streamer flies, sparely tied, or lures such as Moose-Look Warblers, and DB-Smelts. Our guides will have most of these flies in their fly box, so if trolling a streamer on a fly rod is your game, or if you’d like to try trolling with a fly rod for the first time, we will teach you the proper techniques.


Fly Fishing

Fly fishing an evening hatch on one of the lake’s many thoroughfares or along the shorelines can be some of the most exciting fishing there is, and fly-fishing any of our local bodies of water can provide plenty of solitary action. Fishermen will do well here if their selection of flies includes Joe Jack’s “Woodsman Selection,” black, olive, red and yellow Wooly Buggers, Blue Wing Olives, and Hornbergs. Hook sizes from 8-12 are preferred. You might want to try a local favorite called the “The Big Buck Boy,” also tied by Joe Jack.

Access to 11 Maine lakes and 25,000 acres of fighing.